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Breastfeeding After Gestational Diabetes Benefits Both Mother And Baby

Most, but not all, therapeutic drugs are compatible with breastfeeding. in general, the decision to use medications while breastfeeding should reflect the relative risks and benefits to both mother and child. for example, most antidepressants are only present in small amounts in breastmilk, and very little is detectable in infant serum.. For pregnant women with diabetes, some particular challenges exist for both mother and child.if the pregnant woman has diabetes as a pre-existing disorder, it can cause early labor, birth defects, and larger than average infants.therefore, experts advise diabetics to maintain blood sugar level close to normal range about 3 months before planning for pregnancy.. 1.3.9 when using medicines to treat hypertension in pregnancy, aim for a target blood pressure of 135/85 mmhg. [2019] 1.3.10 consider labetalol to treat chronic hypertension in pregnant women. consider nifedipine [] for women in whom labetalol is not suitable, or methyldopa if both labetalol and nifedipine [] are not suitable. base the choice on any pre-existing treatment, side-effect profiles. (more…)

Hemoglobin Variants And The A1C Test

But some races and ethnicities have different types of hemoglobin, called hemoglobin variants. a hemoglobin variant doesn’t increase the risk for diabetes, but it can affect a1c results. labs have different ways to do a1c tests on blood with a hemoglobin variant.. Globin gene mutations affecting hemoglobin (hb), the major blood oxygen (o 2) carrier, are common, affecting an estimated 7% of the world’s population (weatherall and clegg 2001; kohne 2011).these mutations are broadly subdivided into those that impair globin protein subunit production (thalassemias) and those that produce structurally abnormal globin proteins (hb variants).. A hemoglobin test measures the amount of hemoglobin (hb or hgb) in your blood. this protein in your red blood cells (rbcs) carries oxygen and carbon dioxide between the lungs and the rest of the body. an altered hemoglobin level is often a sign of disease. without the right amount, your body may not have enough energy to function optimally.. (more…)

Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Continuous glucose monitoring (cgm) gives you a more complete picture of your glucose levels, which can lead to better lifestyle decisions and better glucose control. get started cgm systems track glucose levels, every few minutes, 24/7 through a tiny sensor inserted under your skin, either on your abdomen or arm using an automatic inserter.. Discover how the dexcom g6 continuous glucose monitoring (cgm) system can help empower your insulin-using patients with proven accuracy 1 and protective alerts. expanded coverage and lower costs 2 can extend its benefits to more of your patients than ever before.. Real-time continuous glucose monitoring (rtcgm) and intermittently viewed cgm (icgm) address many of the limitations inherent in hba 1c testing and smbg. rtcgm uniformly tracks the glucose concentrations in the body’s interstitial fluid, providing near real-time glucose data; icgm uses similar methodology to show continuous glucose. (more…)

The Ideal Diet For Diabetes

"it seems like a diet that’s balanced, and it follows the basic guidelines for people with diabetes," she says. 6. american diabetes association carbohydrate counting. it’s not a "diet" in the traditional sense. the main purpose isn’t weight loss. carb counting is a great way to manage your blood glucose levels.. Once you get the hang of eating a healthy diet, you can relax and dig in to a wide variety of delicious meals and snacks. a great way to get started is with the special meal planning bundle available at How to incorporate flaxseed into your diabetes diet. recent research makes a strong case for including flaxseed in a diabetic diet: • the national institutes of health states that flaxseed is possibly effective for lowering hemoglobin a1c in people with type 2 diabetes, a measure of average blood sugar levels over two to three months.. (more…)