Think About This Before You Start Exercising

Think about this before you start exercising beat your diabetes. learn what you should do before you start exercising. what kind of warmup should you do? before and after results. Drink up. you need adequate fluids before, during and after exercise to help prevent dehydration. to stay well-hydrated for exercise, the american college of sports medicine recommends that you: drink roughly 2 to 3 cups (473 to 710 milliliters) of water during the two to three hours before your workout.. Exercising makes the body pump more blood to the muscles. this will increases the blood flow, which is beneficial for your brain. the minute you start exercising, your brain cells will function at a higher level. the increased blood flow to your brain will make you more alert and awake during exercising and more focused after.. (more…)

Blood Sugar Test: Fried Chicken Vs Roasted Chicken

Fried foods and blood sugar. three oz. of fried chicken breast has more than 200 calories and 12 g of fat — 25 percent more calories and 400 percent more fat. eating more calories than you need can lead to weight gain, and excess body fat can interfere with your body’s ability to use insulin effectively… Chicken breasts are a healthy choice for type 2 diabetics who want to lower their blood sugar levels. according to the journal "nutrition and metabolism," foods which are high in dietary protein, such as chicken breasts, decrease blood sugar levels while at the same time increasing the secretion of insulin so that the body can move blood glucose (blood sugar) into the cells.. My glucose was about 137 yesterday night 7pm when i decides to eat grilled chicken with no carb whats so ever..plain chicken with sauce that included 2 tomatos, garlic, red and green pepper, small amount of ginger, red onion, cup of cooking red wine, chives, and green onion. thats it , no carb at all. (more…)

Is Red Rice Good For Diabetes?

Red rice is pretty great because it has the gi of 55, which is low and good enough for consumption by a diabetic. even more, red rice gets its color from an antioxidant known as anthocyanins. this antioxidant helps in weight management, reducing inflammation and allergies as well as reducing the risk of cancer.. Red yeast rice benefits for heart, diabetes and digestion most studies showing red yeast rice benefits reveal that this supplement is good for lowering cholesterol. it is a lesser known fact that red yeast rice exact is also excellent for the heart, digestive system and diabetes management.. Studies have shown that replacing white rice with brown rice even helps reduce the likelihood of developing diabetes. eat less rice overall for best blood sugar control replacing all white rice with brown rice is a good idea – reduces diabetes risk by 16%.. (more…)