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Can You Have Chocolate If You Have Diabetes

Chocolate can be part of a healthy diet for people with diabetes, but again, moderation is key. combining reasonable amounts of chocolate with traditional diabetes-friendly foods is a great way to. According to the american diabetes association, people with diabetes can still have sweets, chocolate, or other sugary foods as long they are eaten as part of a healthful meal plan or combined. Precautions when eating chocolate: if a person has diabetes and decides to eat chocolate, they need to be careful to include it in their carbohydrate counts and not to go overboard. when excessively eaten, it can lead to increased blood glucose levels. it can also cause weight gain. (4) of course, do not eat chocolate if you are allergic to it.. (more…)

Are Sweet Potatoes Good For Diabetes

Deciding how much or how often you can consume them is an individual decision, but sweet potatoes can certainly find a place in a diabetic meal plan. carbs in sweet potatoes any discussion of food and diabetes management should begin with the american diabetes association’s recommendation, which is to count the grams of carbohydrates you eat in a day.. Same is the case with sweet potatoes for diabetes, baking or roasting shoots their gi value up. frying ranks 2nd as the worst method. so, boiling sweet potatoes is the best way to cook them and eat! for you to start including sweet potatoes(2) in your diet, we have a quick recipe of sweet potato for diabetic patients.. Sweet potato diabetes cure. cooking methods affect the gi of sweet potato. certain cooking methods are usually more conducive to controlling your blood sugar levels. therefore, you have to prepare the sweet potatoes with no all the added butter and sugar that lots of recipes will call for.. (more…)