Is Dr Merrit a fraud

Lin wood tells everyone to be calm and trust donald trump. national intelligence has confirmed that china was responsible for the election fraud and the bio weapon known as covid19 which is essentially a respiratory disease commonly known as a chest cold or the flu.. Stolen. a woman has been arrested in connection to alleged election fraud and illegal voting, texas attorney general ken paxton announced wednesday. according to paxton, rachel rodriguez of san antonio was “exposed in a project veritas video” ahead of the 2020 election regarding vote harvesting and acknowledged what she was doing was illegal. in an …. Andrew wakefield, the godfather of the modern anti-vaccine movement, is spreading disinformation about the covid vaccine, falsely claiming that the mrna vaccines made by pfizer and moderna are a form of genetic engineering. like all good liars, he mixes a tiny bit of truth into a sea of lies.. (more…)

Is Quinoa Good For Diabetes?

Quinoa is a good source of antioxidants compared with other common grains in a gluten-free diet. most gluten-free products consist of corn, rice, or potato flour. most gluten-free products consist. Such foods have also been linked to many of the common, chronic, western diseases like type 2 diabetes and heart disease . quinoa has a glycemic index of 53, which is considered low ( 22 ).. Quinoa grows with a bitter-tasting, protective coating called saponin. though what you buy in grocery stores is pre-rinsed quinoa, another run under the faucet doesn’t hurt. pour uncooked quinoa into a fine-mesh sieve and put it under cold water for a few seconds. shake off any excess water before starting your recipe.. (more…)