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My Fasting Day – Does Fasting Help With Diabetes?

A common approach to trf is called 16:8 fasting, which restricts the eating window to eight hours a day (for example, you might only eat from noon to 8 pm) while fasting for the remaining 16 hours. some people with diabetes, like justine szafran , have found trf to be extremely helpful as part of a daily routine for diabetes management.. Fasting can be used for nearly every chronic condition, including allergies, anxiety, arthritis, asthma, depression, diabetes, headaches, heart disease, high cholesterol, low blood sugar, digestive disorders, mental illness, and obesity.fasting is an effective and safe weight loss method. it is frequently prescribed as a detoxification treatment for those with conditions that may be influenced. Research in the british journal of nutrition shows that intermittent fasting produces greater improvements in insulin sensitivity, which helps you prevent high blood-sugar levels and type 2 diabetes. the journal neurology has published findings showing that high blood sugar is associated with a smaller hippocampus, the seahorse-shaped structure. (more…)

A Lifetime Of Terrible Eating

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Is Pineapple Good For Diabetes?

How pineapple compares . pineapple is a fat-free food rich in fiber and vitamins. fiber is especially important to people with diabetes as it can help to lower blood sugar, reduce cholesterol, and regulate bowels. in fact, a single, one-cup serving of fresh pineapple has an impressive 2.2 grams of fiber with only 78 calories.. However, it’s worth noting that, of the carbs in a thin slice of pineapple, 5.5 g are naturally occurring sugar. a 3-ounce slice contains 8.3 g of sugar, and a cup of pineapple chunks contains. Pineapple nutrition pineapples contain bromelain, an enzyme that may help arthritis pain by easing inflammation. they are also a good source of vitamin c , which helps your immune system.. (more…)