Are You At Risk For Type 2 Diabetes?

11. you’re age 45 or older. the chance of getting type 2 diabetes rises with age. but diabetes isn’t a normal part of aging. 12. you’re hispanic, african-american, native american, or asian…. The main things that lead to it are: obesity or being overweight. research shows this is a top reason for type 2 diabetes. because of the rise in obesity among u.s. children, this type is affecting…. (more…)

Fructosamine Versus A1C

Objective —discordances between hba1c and other measures of glycemic control are common in clinical practice and remain unexplained. we developed a measure of discordance between hba1c and fructosamine (fa) (glycosylated serum proteins) to conduct a systematic evaluation. we termed this the glycosylation gap (gg) and sought to determine its relationship to diabetic nephropathy.. The relationship between the fructosamine level and the hba1c level can be present as a linear regression analysis, as follows: hba1c = 0.017 x fructosamine level (µmol/l) + 1.61. The fructosamine assay is a measure of glycaemic control over a period of 2 to 3 weeks in diabetic patients. it is cheap and rapid. it measures the levels of glycosylated – with fructose groups – serum proteins. interpretation of serum fructosamine level . as with many lab values, the reference range is different from laboratory to laboratory. (more…)

Breastfeeding After Gestational Diabetes Benefits Both Mother And Baby

For example, sometimes gestational diabetes causes a baby to have low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) after birth. if a baby has low blood sugar, breastfeeding helps raise her blood sugar levels by providing a dose of glucose that’s easily absorbed. colostrum, the yellowish milk you produce in small amounts in the first few days after giving birth, helps your baby’s digestive system to grow and mature, and is easy for your baby to digest.. Breastfeeding after gestational diabetes benefits both mother and baby breastfeeding after gestational diabetes can lower both mother’s and baby’s risk of being overweight or developing type 2. breastfeeding and gestational diabetes, part one: vital benefits to mother and baby more and more research is showing how important breastfeeding is after a gestational diabetes (gd) pregnancy, both for mother and baby… The recommendations for breastfeeding apply to all women, regardless of whether or not they have diabetes, lynn told us. the american academy of pediatrics recommends that women exclusively breastfeed for six months, and continue to breastfeed as other foods are introduced up until the baby is one year old.. (more…)

Hemoglobin Variants And The A1C Test

Depending on your descent, you could have a hemoglobin variant that can affect a1c test results. what are some common hemoglobin variants? the most common hemoglobin variants that can affect a1c test results are hemoglobin s, c, d, and e. 2 these variants can also cause hemoglobinopathies, a group of blood disorders and diseases that affect red blood cells.. And see this month’s test by clicking the ce menu item. sponsored by bio-rad. learning objectives. upon completion of this article, the reader will be able to: describe selected variants of hemoglobin. identify prevalence of hemoglobin variants. describe the role of hb a1c in diabetic testing.. The a1c test, also known as an hba1c, hemoglobin a1c, glycated hemoglobin, or glycosylated hemoglobin test, is a blood test that shows your average blood sugar levels for the past two to three’s a broader test than conventional home glucose monitoring, which measures your blood sugar at any given’s used to diagnose and monitor diabetes.. (more…)

Continuous Glucose Monitoring

A continuous glucose monitoring system, or cgm for short, is a compact medical system that continuously monitors your blood sugar levels in more or less real time (there’s normally a five-minute…. Continuous glucose monitoring is an advanced way for people living with diabetes to check glucose readings in real-time or monitor glucose readings over a period of time. by using a continuous glucose monitor, your cgm system will automatically receive glucose readings every 5 minutes allowing you to fingerstick less often.. Continuous glucose monitors or cgms can be a lifesaving device for people with any type of diabetes. they continually check your blood sugar 24 hours a day and alert you you before you begin experiencing lowor high blood sugarlevels.. (more…)

The Blood Pressure Solution Marlene Merritt

Is Dr Marlene Merritt legit? | Diabetes Advice Guide

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for the blood pressure solution at read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. by dr. marlene merritt. write a review. i have to say my blood pressure went from 160/100 in the middle of the day down now to 135/85 and continuing to reduce. in the morning i went. Overall, we personally believe that the blood pressure solution by dr. marlene merritt is an excellent product that offers people a real alternative to lowering their blood pressure without relying too much on meds, and we really like that the program focuses on all-natural methods, like making dietary changes and incorporating effective exercises into the daily routine, that can also help you improve your overall well-being which is always a great thing.. The blood pressure solution is an ebook that allegedly contains information that may help you lower your blood pressure. the marketing is gimmicking and you should always consult with your physician to address high blood pressure.. (more…)

Alternative Devices For Taking Insulin

The most common alternative ways to deliver insulin are insulin pens and insulin pumps. injection ports, injection aids, and insulin jet injectors are also available. researchers are developing an artificial pancreas, a system of mechanical devices that will automatically adjust insulin delivery based on changes in glucose levels.. What alternative devices for taking insulin are available? insulin pens provide a convenient, easy-to-use way of injecting insulin and may be less painful than a standard needle and syringe. an insulin pen looks like a pen with a cartridge. some of these devices use replaceable cartridges of insulin.. alternative devices for taking insulin. if you wish to perform your own search of the database, you may access and search the niddk reference collection database online… The most common alternative ways to deliver insulin are insulin pens and insulin pumps. injection ports, injection aids, and insulin jet injectors are also available.. it’s also ok’d for people with type 2 diabetes who are taking mealtime insulin. if you think you could get pregnant, tell your doctor, since researchers haven’t studied this drug in pregnant women…. (more…)

Resources For Diabetes

Diabetes and smoking; diabetes care: managing your time when you have diabetes; melissa jeffries: accepting my diabetes; fast facts: living well with diabetes; diabetes research and studies topics. Cdc’s division of diabetes translation (ddt) offers many types of resources and publications, for audiences ranging from the general public, to scientists and other experts. reports and publications. National diabetes education program (ndep) resources help reduce the burden of diabetes and prediabetes by providing culturally and linguistically appropriate diabetes education resources for a range of individuals and groups — ethnic minorities, hard-to-reach populations, community-based organizations, faith-based organizations, and healthcare providers.. (more…)

My Random Blood Sugar Was 106

Blood sugar 106 mg/dl (5.88mmol/l) fasting – is that good or bad? we help you interpret your blood sugar values. you have tested your blood sugar fasting and the result was 106 mg/dl. the corresponding a1c is 5.3%. let’s have a look at the blood sugar gauge:. Does fasting glucose reading of 106 mean insulin resistance? if your fasting glucose is about 106, do not panic, as this does not automatically mean you have insulin resistance or prediabetes. a mayo clinic site says that a normal fasting blood sugar reading is 70-100 (mg/dl). however, their normal range was under 100, which was why my. if the test result of a 106 mg/dl blood sugar level was from a random glucose test, then the result would indicate it to be in the normal range. is 107 mg/dl. The ranges of safe levels of blood glucose depend on factors such as what time of day it is and when you last ate. safe levels of blood sugar are high enough to supply your organs with the sugar they need, but low enough to prevent symptoms of hyperglycemia or complications of diabetes. dangerous levels of blood glucose are outside of this range.. (more…)

Take Care Of Diabetes To Avoid Complications

Take care of your teeth diabetes may leave you prone to gum infections. brush your teeth at least twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste, floss your teeth once a day and schedule dental exams at least twice a year. call your dentist if your gums bleed or look red or swollen.. Basic principles of prevention of diabetes complications: take your medications (pills and/or insulin) as prescribed by your doctor. monitor your blood sugars closely. follow a sensible diet.. Treatment of complications focuses on slowing down the damage. that may include medication, surgery, or other options. but the most important ways to slow diabetes complications are to keep your…. (more…)