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Good Snacks For Prediabetes

Grains and starches make up an important part of your diet for pre-diabetes. the amount you need depends on age, sex and activity level but for health and weight management, the u.s. dietary guidelines recommends you make at least half of your grain and starch choices whole grain . for everyone age 9 and over, this amounts to three to five servings or more of whole grains every day..

The right foods to avoid if you have prediabetes can help you prevent type 2 “you cannot eat just one,” which is why salty processed snacks are on the list of foods to avoid if prediabetic. the load of calories, starch, and sodium from chips, crackers, and pretzels does no good for your blood sugar, and the damage can increase when you.

Having high triglycerides and low hdl-c (good cholesterol) and/or high total cholesterol. having high blood pressure. having a family history of type 2 diabetes and/or heart disease. other people at risk include: women with polycystic ovarian syndrome*..

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