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10 Anti-Diabetic Herbs to Control Diabetes or High Blood Sugar Levels - YouTube

Here are some common and uncommon tips on how to control sugar: 1. lose those extra kilos. according to dr. shashank joshi, endocrinologist, lilavati & bhatia hospital, "being overweight causes insulin resistance 2. follow a balanced diet with complex carbs. according to preeti rao, health and.

Tips for better blood sugar levels • –spread out carbohydrate into 3 meals each day and 1 2 snacks, if needed. • choose fresh fruit instead of juice. fruit has fiber and will affect your blood sugar slower than drinking juice. • choose a small serving or avoid most desserts, sweets and snack foods..

Why Is Sugar Bad?

Drinking good, old-fashioned water is another way to control blood sugar naturally. it goes to work doing this a few different ways. first, drinking plenty of water keeps the kidneys flushed so they don’t accumulate excess sugar. second, it rehydrates the blood, a state of being that tends to moderate sugar levels..