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What Happens When A1c Goes Too High

Those overwhelming feelings, known as diabetes distress, may cause you to slip into unhealthy habits, stop checking your blood sugar, even skip doctor’s appointments. it happens to many—if not most—people with diabetes, often after years of good management. in any 18-month period, 33% to 50% of people with diabetes have diabetes distress..

For most people with diabetes, the blood glucose level is too low when it is below 70 mg/dl. hypoglycemia can be life threatening and needs to be treated right away. learn more about how to recognize and treat hypoglycemia. what happens if my blood glucose level becomes too high? doctors call high blood glucose hyperglycemia..

"long sleepers" may be at risk for obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and depression. researchers have also found that they have a 20% to 30% higher risk of early death than normal sleepers. those risks may be because long sleepers tend to be older adults or those with poor health..

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